Polypropylene Tubing

Polypropylene enjoys this popularity because it is known as lightweight but durable, tough but flexible and economical but resistant to fatigue. These qualities carry over to polypropylene tubing, which is a polypropylene-extruded, non-reinforced cylinder of any shape.

In addition to sharing the aforementioned characteristics, polypropylene tubing is also chemical and thermal resistant. Polypropylene tubing is more rigid than polyethylene tubing, and is quite tolerant to heat, with its melting point on a range, but generally landing around 250 °F. This tubing also has many other desirable features.

For example, it can float, it has superior dimensional stability and electrical properties and it has good surface hardness and easy coloration. Also, it is weldable and, when welded, it can be used in non-fluid transfer applications. Because of its low cost and its physical properties, polypropylene tubing can serve as an economical alternative to fluoropolymer tubing.

Polypropylene tubing is an excellent investment for general lab and industrial uses like injection molding and hot fill applications. It is also suitable for use in transferring hot liquids and gases in food and beverage handling applications. Other applications where polypropylene tubing may lend a hand include: automotives, compressed air, dispensing equipment, electronic equipment, environmental monitoring, housewares and appliances, instrumentation, personal care products, pharmaceutical processing, potable water systems, refrigeration and semiconductor manufacturing.

The high crystalline composition of polypropylene tubing also makes it good for use in structural systems. For example, it can be used for small fluid system support structure or as a liner in metal piping systems. In general, it should be used in any manufacturing operation where extreme resistance to acids and alkalis is required. Tubing may be ordered with customized features and accessories. It may come in solid colors, multiple colors or translucent colors, or it may be clear.

It also has a wide range of possible inside and outside diameters and lengths. Accessories that a customer may order along with his or her polypropylene tubing include: ear type clamps, nylon double bond hose clamps, stainless steel clamps, pinch clamps and plastic tubing cutters.

Polypropylene Tubing Polypropylene is a thermoplastic polymer used in a wide variety of applications, such as packaging and labeling, textiles, stationery, laboratory equipment, plastic parts, reusable containers and automotive equipment.