Rigid Plastic Tubing

Frequently, said tubing must comply with FDA, NSF or UL requirements. Industries where rigid plastic tubing is often employed include: medical, plumbing, mining, gas transmission and beverage.

Materials from which rigid plastic tubing is made include: acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), cellulose acetate butyrate (CABS), polyvinyl deneflo (PVDF), PET polyester, polypropylene: HO, polypropylene: CO, polyvinyl, polystyrene crystal, acrylic and polyvinyl chloride rigid. Some of these materials are thermoplastics.

A thermoplastic is a type of plastic material (polymer) that becomes moldable or pliable above a specific temperature, then solidifies upon cooling. This means the plastic can be melted and remolded into a new shape without harm to its molecular structure. This aids in the shaping of rigid plastic tubing, which generally can be extruded into round, oval, triangular, rectangular, square or custom shapes.

Tubing can be designed with other custom specifications as well, such as sizing, coloring and thickness. Tubing can take on a wide array of solid colors, and can also be made multi-colored, translucent or clear. Each coloring choice has its own advantage. For example, clear tubing is important for fluid handling operations in which the flow must be monitored.

Solid color tubes can be usefully employed in applications involving multiple tubes that need different colors to help distinguish them as separate flow lines or cables. Translucent tubing provides partial light passage. This allows fluid to be monitored but still partially concealed from the outside world, which may be important in its regulation. Finally, multi-colored tubing is useful for decoration or indication applications. It may have a high gloss or matte finish, and it can comply with a wide range of wall thickness requests.

Additionally, rigid plastic tubing can be drilled, cut, machined, stamped, bent and bonded to other tubes. Rigid plastic tubing applications include: beverage tubing, cores, dip tubes, feeder tubes, filtration tubes, irrigation tubes, medical tubes, packaging tubes, sample tubes, shipping tubes and rigid plastic for structural applications.

Rigid Plastic Tubing Tubing is a non-reinforced, extruded cylinder of any size. Rigid plastic tubing is a type of tubing extruded from plastics that can be used in applications where tubing needs to be stiff and unbendable.