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Do you know the advantages of high temperature plastic tubing? These tubing solutions are ideal for extending the life span of the products the tube is insulting. This style of tubing also guarantees quality performance due to the greater level of durability. High temperature plastic tubing is engineered through a process called heat shrinking. Heat shrinking is often used for protecting wire conductors when the wires are transferring electricity. Heat shrinking safeguards against abrasion and environmental conditions; which is extremely useful in applications involving high temperatures.

There are two basic styles of heat shrinking: expansion-based and polymerization. In the expansion-based method the heat shrinking feature is incorporated when the tube is manufactured by stretching the tube at near melting temperatures and then rapidly cooling the material. When the tube is heated during application use it will shrink. In the polymerization method the tubing shrinks due to the materials combining into a solution that takes up less space.

You can improve the performance and safety levels of your products and facilities by utilizing heat shrinking tubes. These heat treated solutions are great for bundling wires and even color coordinating groups of wires. For outdoor wires the heat shrinking tubing is highly recommended because of the high resistance to the elements. Manufacturers of plastic tubes will often heat treat the plastics to a specific ratio that is optimum for your insulation purposes. The shrink ratio is dependent upon the application you are using the tubing for and the environment in which the tube will be exposed. If you know that your application requires extra durability then ask your manufacturer if cross-linking is available. Cross-linking invokes stronger chemical bonds in the tubing which results in the highest tolerance levels.

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